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Portland-based producer follows Maine Mariners as they chase their dreams

In the summer of 2017, Maine newspaper reporters began writing about a new minor league hockey team starting up in Portland. They had no idea they were writing Devon Platte the synopsis for his latest reality TV project.

Shamrock Sports Launching Original Programming Division

Shamrock Sports & Entertainment launched a division focused on original programming and events. 

Among the first programs to come out of the new Shamrock Signature division will be “Puckland,” a documentary series about minor league hockey that premieres March 31 on NBCSN. 

Shamrock Sports Launching Sports Docu-Series with New Division

Shamrock Sports & Entertainment in Portland has launched a new division: Shamrock Signature, which will focus on original programming and event experiences.

The Zambonis: The Best Hockey Music There Is

When it comes to music played in sports arenas, I love the kind music that is heard in hockey arenas.

I’m talking about organ music, rock music, and good old-time hockey music. When you put all of these three things together, you have the best sounding tunes to a hockey fan’s ears.

Indie Film Awards 2018 Maine Oscars

Completed in 2018 and airing this year on NBCSN, this documentary series about the return of the Maine Mariners hockey team in Portland is from filmmaker Devon Platte. The series, about aspiring hockey players trying to make it to the NHL via Portland-based, on-ice heroics, promises to put Maine back on the map, as far as inspirational minor league hockey storytelling goes.

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